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Many of our projects are found in our gallery like the archive of Klaros interactive” and “Ephesus interactive” or  examples of showrooms, museums, churches or technical constructions and other sets/regions.
Some other projects are presented here:

virtual project

The “Trail of German Entity” a projecz of a virtual tour through Germany from Görlitz to Aachen. Self-published and published on “round.me”

360° of the world, calender projects

Tourwrist - virtual Tours worldwide.

Virtual Tours at Tourwrist, for iPad/iPhone, Android etc.

IPod/iPad: Fortress “Sao Filipe” in Setubal/Portugal

A shortform of the Sao Filipe virtual tour for iPad/iPhone. ONLY for iPad/iPhone or SFARAI browsers.

Kultur- and  Buergerhaus Marne

A tour through the “Kultur- and Bürgerhaus” in Marne.Also integrated in the “Virtual Museums” of Dithmarschen. Flash.

Exhibition of the “Cimbria”

Exhibition of artefacts from the sunken “Cimbria” in Brunsbüttel

Theater “End of a Yearning”

Virtugrafics from a theater- play of the sunken “Cimbria”

Virtual Museums in Dithmarschen

A running project of various museums in Dithmarschen

Dithmarschen virtuell

A virtual walk through Dithmarschen with interactive map

Brunsbüttel virtuell

A virtual tour through Brunsbuettel with interactive and konventional maps


A immersive image of wedding ceremonies (only with special permission)

Our contributions at:


Brunsbüttel Forum

Contributions and images of Brunsbuettel

Panorama Community

A technical forum with many contributions

Künstlerhaus Spiekeroog

A artist home - we did the sphericals for their wakk-through


The WWP-project in Berkley/Calif. with many contibutions from “VIRTUGRAF”

Other Virtugraphers



Panorams from Peter Wilhelm


Panorams from Bernd Dohrmann

Panorama Nyberg

Panorams & infos from Hans Nyberg, international panorams

Kubische Panoramen

Panorams from Malum


Informations and examples gatherered by Bert Viesta


VR journalism- very interesting panorams with actual background

Easypano- virtuelle Touren

Easypano - “Virtual Tours” created with their software.


The virtual world, here you can walk through the cities & landscapes
Our contributions:
Brunsbüttel Spiekeroog Izmir Kusadasi Ephesus Cesme Wattenmeer
(Some projects are under construction)

We suplly the “Worlwied Panostock with our images

We are member of the “International VR-Photographers Association”


More Projects on the German page

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