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Monitor adjustment

Please set your controls for BRIGHTNESS  and CONTRAST so you can see as much of the 18 fields as possible. Some TFT can not display the differerence between 1/2

Operation of websites with interactive images      Operation of the photografic gallerie

    To access this website completely you need :

    1 .
    JAVASCRIPT activated in your browser for the controls of the website
    2 .
    POP-UP   enabled, images are presented in a pop-up
    JAVA installed  for banners and JAVA- viewers ( Immervision and PTViewer)
    Quicktime installed for Quicktime presentation
    DEVALVR installed for DevalVR usage
    SHOCKWAVE installed for Shockwave usage
    Adobe Flash installed for Flash usage (mostly virtual tours)
    Acrobat Reader installed for the brochure
    9. Monitor resolution set to
    1240 x 1024 for optimal view
    10. A Sidebar uses valuable space we need for the image - it´s better to switch it off.

    We checked the website with
    IE, Firefox and Netscape - if any problem occures: please contact us, we will help as soon as possible.
    You need at least
    ONE PLUGIN INSTALLED ( JAVA, QUICKTIME, DEVALVR or Shockwave). Without a viewer  the image will not be visable. You don´t have to install all viewers, just the one you want to use.

    Our virtual tours use Flash or Java.

Basic operation :
- go into the image with the mouse pointer
- press and hold down the LEFT mouse-button: now the movement of the mouse refers to the head
   movement (Head up = mouse foreward, head  left = mouse to the left  etc.)
+ or Shift- key: Zoom In
- - or Ctrl - key: Zoom Out
-  Immervision,DevalVR and Flash: the scroll-wheel is used to zoom, or   press and hold “right mouse-button” and move the mouse towards you and away from you

The viewers are slightly different in operation.
Immervision and DevalVR have an integrated “Help System” on their lower left corner. There is a controller in Flash- tours too- when the mouse is positioned over a button, a shot help will be shown.

Plug-In (Viewer) Download:


Adobe PDF



Adobe Shockwave

Adobe Flash

JAVA hier kostenlos downloaden

Kostenlos Adobe Acrobat Reader downloaden

Quicktime hier kostenlos downloaden

Download DevalVR Viewer

Download Adobe Shockwave Player

Download Adobe Flash

Photographic gallery
- use the “View Gallery” option to open the list of all galleries, shown top left
-start the automatic slideshow when a gallery is selected
Image information is shown when hoovering with the mouse into over image
? button give a short help

All images are shown in REDUCED QUALITY - the size is shown in the image information.

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