Zur Galerie  360 Grad Fotos aller Art


Our new  “Galleries” are 2a complete independent system.
* a spherical, interacitve gallerie with full-spherical inteactive images
* a photgraphic gallerie with various projections and view of the 360° images, stunning and abstact photos
Many of our sphericals are presentet in different resolutions and designed for various viewers.
It also can be used as a “Back-End” for our customers to implement their spherical images in their websites.

The “Interactive 360° gallery” with full-spherical intaeractive images.

The “Photographic Gallery” with printable views and abstract photography of the spheres

Interactive Galerie
(The old version until 2015, from 2016 on only the
new one will be updated)


The old gallery is outdated with new browser and mobiles:

 Since 2016 we are on  ROUND.ME


You can browse through all the sphericals and change the viewer “on the fly”.

Please keep in mind, that some images  are ab.
250 - 3000 KB in size and may cause some longer download time
This is dependable on the individual panoram.
Load and install the appropriated viewer before you acces the gallery (Quicktime, JAVA,Shockwave or DevalVR).
The viewers are available on our
“Help” site


Within a Quicktime window


A Quicktime fullscreen with browser-controls


Within a JAVA windows. Immervision: REAL fullscreen possible


“High Quality” viewer with real fullscreen-option (like Immervision)


Shockwave viewer


“Printed”  view, uncropped (only pn special demand)

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