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Virtual Tours
A “Virtual Tour” is a connection between panorams made with “Hotspots”. This results in a complete walk-through with the mouse.
Hot-Spots  inside each image show the way to the next possible panoram. By this you can “walk” from room to room, from location to location just like in real life. Walks can be automated, a good method for fairs or other kind of presentation. Sound (music, speakings) can also be connected to the tour or  individual panorams.

This is an excellent mean for presenting museums, real estates, touristics, show-rooms etc.

A VR through a historic Restaurant “Parlament” in Hamburg (Flash)

Historic Restaurant Palarament in Hamburg

Some “Virtual Tours” :

All new Tours on Round.me

The “Trail of German Entity” (A 1200 km trail from Görlitz to Aachen)

W:O:Art Exhibition “Wacken in Oil” (c) virtugraf (Version for all devices, iDevice/Android/Computer)

Costa Cruise (Cruising liner) (New Version 5)

Purple Mountain Hotel (NEW Version 5)

Nanhui Exhibition

Hotel Landhaus Gardels (Flash) Fullscreen, HDRI-technics, automatic walk, hotspots  ....) (c) virtugraf

Historic Restaurant “Paralament” in Hamburg (Flash, fullscreen, hotspots automatic walk, stripes , embedded design, controller) (c) virtugraf

CIMBRIA- Ausstellung at “Elbeforum Brunsbüttel”  with close-ups of artefacts an much more  (Flash)
 (c) virtugraf

Theater “End of a Sight” Brandungslückentehaters. Flash, timeshifts etc. (c) virtugraf

Century Park (JAVA)

Heimatmuseum Marne (Demo JAVA) (c) virtugraf

Gallerie Rusch (JAVA) (c) virtugraf

Demo des Künstlerhauses Spiekeroog (Flash with Fullscreen) (c) virtugraf

Immervision Tour Brunsbuettel - Washington (JAVA Immervision with Fullscreen) (c) virtugraf

Audi-VW Showroom (Quicktime) (c) virtugraf


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