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Virtugraphy - this is an artificial word composed  from “Virtual” and “Photography”.

It means that we practice a very special kind of photography with the goal to present a very special
overview - an extended panoram.
The image has a horizontal view of 360° and a vertical view of 180° - this is a complete sphere..

Virtugraphy means the creation and presentation of a complete sphere.

The presentation is done through various programs - called viewer- or through special prints.
On computers - usually in the Internet but also local presentation is possible - the “head” of the person
is referred to the mouse.

We would love to consult you using this immersive technology for your own business.
Especially for museums, hotels, touristic business, documentations, advertisings, showrooms, conservations of all kind of things etc.


You can see various  images in our galleries

The inteactive full spherical gallery:

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 Abstract Photography,offline

Actual news of our recent work can be found in our Blog:

Blog of the Virtugraf

Latest award : 4 * Bronze in the International Epnso Panorama- Award:
 1* Nature Photography and 3 * VR - Photography

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